FAQ About Woomer Products


Questions 1: Can the wrap directly touch the skin? 

Answer: You’d better not. The temperature is appropriate when you have your clothes covered. Otherwise you may feel burning or uncomfortable.

Question 2: Is the wrap wearable? 

Answer: You can buckle the wrap with the snap fastener and the edge is specially designed to provide you with a custom fit. You can make the heating wrap close to your back with the bonus adjustable strap.

Question 3: Can I heat up my shoulder and back at the same time? 

Answer: The heating wrap can heat up your shoulder and neck simultaneously. If you buy the larger size (25*26), the wrap is large enough to cover your back and provide you with sufficient warmth. 

Question 4: Does it have a removable cloth cover? 

Answer: Yes, you can remove the out cover and it is machine washable.

Question 5: Does the heating wrap only have dry heat mode? 

Answer: The heating pad has both moist heat and dry heat option. 

Question 6: Is the whole pad washable? 

Answer: Yes, it is machine washable. Please detach the controller from the main body, and remove the pad and the sponge from the out cover before washing. 

Question 7: How to use the moist mode? 

Answer: Saturate the SPONGE only with warm water. Place the sponge on the PVC pad and insert the both pieces fully into the cloth cover. Be careful not to touch the skin directly. 



Question 1: Can I use the heat and massage at the same time?

Answer: Yes, you can use the heat and massage function at the same time. This product is practical and convenient. Enjoy your heating massage with it!

Question 2: Is there a battery inside the pad? How can I charge it?

Answer: The heated waist wrap is charged by the power bank with USB. Please take a careful look to see if you purchase the product with the power bank. You can also use your own power bank.

Question 3: Can I start the massage function without heating?

Answer: Yes, you can start massage without heating and you can also heat without massage.

Question 4: What is the battery capacity?

Answer: The battery capacity is 5000mAH.




Question 1: My power cord is lost/broken. Where can I get the replacement cord from?

Answer: The blanket has 5-year warranty. You can email Woomer support team via service@woomer.com and request for a replacement cord or better solutions.

Question 2: Can I dry the blanket in tumble dry?

Answer: You’d better not. The heating blanket will not get broken instantly if you tumble dry it alone on low heat. However, in the long term, tumble dry may shorten the life of the heating wires.

Question 3: How many plugs are there to plug in the power outlets?

Answer: 2 plugs. One for each side.

Question 4: Which is the hottest setting?

Answer: 10 and the blanket will get very warm under this setting. However, if you tumble dry for a long period of time, the heated wires may be damaged and the blanket may not reach the standard heating level.


FAQ about Warranty

Question 1: What does this warranty cover?

Answer: Our warranty covers the following situations:

  • Any defects in materials used to manufacture the product.
  • Any defects in workmanship under normal use.
  • Any broken components under normal use.


Question 2: What will you do to correct problems?

Answer: We will take the following measures to correct problems:

  • Repair the product, at no cost, if the product is still under warranty.
  • Repair any broken parts of a product using new or replacement parts.
  • The product will be exchanged with a new product.
  • The price of product will be refunded depending on its condition.


Question 3: How long does the coverage last?

Answer: 5 years (5* 365 days) from the date of purchase.


Question 4: What does this warranty not cover?

Answer: Our warranty doesn't cover the following situations:

  • Damage of a product resulting from improper use.
  • Damage of a product resulting from unauthorized modification of the product.
  • Damage caused by natural disaster.
  • Theft or loss of the product.


If you have any other questions, you can contact us via email: service@woomer.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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